We sat down with Alex Marlantes, co-founder and CEO of Everlance on this episode of SaaS Stories, to share the story of how he and his team help freelancers track and manage mileage and expenses.

Episode length: Approx. 10 mins

As a freelancer or business owner, one of the most valuable things you have is your time.

But, when you’ve got a passion for driving your business forward, you can sometimes forget the small stuff which, when put off, can end up eating up valuable time that you could be using to grow your business.

Today’s guest, Alex, shares how his app helps founders with one of their biggest time sinks, managing your expenses.

Who is Alex Marlantes?

Alex is the co-founder and CEO of Everlance, a 100% automated mileage and expense tracking app. Users of the app range from freelancers to employees at Fortune 500 companies. Everlance was featured by Apple as one of their “Best New Apps” and is a top 100 finance app.

Founded at Stanford in 2015, Everlance helps independent workers and small businesses save money, save time, and get peace of mind. The team at Everlance strongly believe the way we work is changing and that there’s a historic opportunity to create the support layer for the future of work.

For now, they’re starting with expense tracking, but see organizing this data as just the beginning of how they can help their users.

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