Today, I sit down with Andy Baldacci, the CEO of SaberSim, and we chat about how GrooveHQ’s solution helps startups support their customers and increase customer satisfaction.

About our guest:

Now you may be reading this and wondering why we’re talking about GrooveHQ when Andy is the CEO of SaberSim.

The thing is, at the time we recorded this interview, Andy was the marketer at GrooveHQ, but he’s since moved on and is now the CEO of SaberSim.

SaberSim is an app that offers the best DFS projections and lineup builder on the market for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and golf so you can build better lineups, faster.

With SaberSim, you don’t need to be a programmer or stats geek to get the best data. We crunch the numbers for you and make it easy to use that data to build the best lineups, fast.

What we talk about:

In our chat, we dive into who the founder of GrooveHQ is, how and why the company was founded, what customer support means, what’s wrong with the way startups do their customer support, how GrooveHQ’s solution works, why GrooveHQ is different from the competition and much more.

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Andy, you can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter, or see with he’s up to at SaberSim. You can also check out his podcast, Effective founder that focuses on the challenges founders face as their team scales.

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