Today, I sit down with Alexandra Isenegger, the CEO & founder of Linkilaw, and we talk about how their solution is transforming the way startups deal with legal issues.

Episode Length: [25:09]

About our guest:

Alexandra is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and mediator. She founded Linkilaw after spotting a gap in the legal sector due to inaccessibility of legal services for startups and entrepreneurs.

Alexandra is a thought leader in the legal technology space. She has been quoted in TechCrunch, Forbes, HuffPost, and Inc. amongst others has been honored in Forbes 30 Under 30 and is a 2-time recipient of Quora Writer of the Year. She also mentors founders and entrepreneurs, independently and through Virgin Startup.

Speaker of seven languages, Alexandra is also passionate about meditation and the effect it has on all aspects of life. She lives through honest, effective communication as the key to success in both businesses, and our personal lives. This passion has led Alexandra to certify as a mediator and help resolve disputes peacefully.

What we talk about:

In our chat, we dive into her background as an entrepreneur, why she founded the company, why she chose the name Linkilaw for her startup, how their solution is transforming the way startups deal with legal issues and much more.

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Alexandra, you can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter, or head to Linkilaw to see what she’s up to.

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