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We chat with Stacey Brown Randall about how to generate new clients for your business through referrals without having to as for them.

Generating referrals is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get new clients for your business, however asking for them can feel awkward and this prevents most business owners from using this strategy.

In this episode, Stacey shares her unique, 5 step process that generates hundreds of referrals every year for her business and for those of her clients, all without having to ask for them or invest huge amounts of time in the process.

We also get to hear her unique life story which led her to focus on and become an expert at attracting and generating new business through referrals and much more.

Who is Stacey Brown Randall?

Stacey is the founder of, a program that teaches business owners and solopreneurs how to generate referrals consistently and continuously by referrals without asking, without manipulation or feeling inauthentic.

According to her, she’s obsessed with referrals. Why?

Because once she figured out how to generate referrals without asking for them, her life dramatically changed.

She went from a business failure, that affected her financially, mentally and emotionally, to huge business success, all because she figured out how to generate new clients through referrals BUT she did it without asking for those referrals.

Which meant she cracked the code to overcome the decades’ old advice that says to receive referrals you must ask for them.

People come to her because they started a business because they are an expert, they are needed by their clients and they want to be a business owner instead of being an employee, someone’s cog in a wheel.

But they quickly realized to be the expert helping their clients, they have to have clients. And the one business development or sales tactic that doesn’t feel like sales are referrals unless you are asking for them. So for that expert turned business owner, she shows them how to build a business through referrals that they don’t ask for which allows them to embrace their authenticity.

Stacey doesn’t claim to be a “Wonder Woman”, but unleashing her referral explosion more than 5 years ago dramatically changed her world and the worlds of hundreds of her students as well.

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