We sat down with Luke Chambers, founder Raaft.io on this episode of SaaS Stories, to share the story of how he and his team help their users retain customers and reduce churn.

Episode length: Approx. 12 mins

A big challenge facing any startup is customer churn. You can spend years building your brand from the ground up but still struggle because you might be losing old customers as fast as you’re gaining new ones.

Also known as customer attrition, customer churn is a critical metric because it’s much less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to acquire new customers

Luckily, there are some tools out there that can help reduce your churn rate and one of those is Luke’s company, Raaft – a saas tool with a very cool name, and for a limited time, new users of Raaft can still get launch pricing which is far below normal pricing. Head over to Raaft.io for more details.

Who is Luke Chambers?

Luke is the founder of Raaft, a SaaS company devoted to reducing the churn rate of startups.

His story will be familiar to a lot of us, growing up in a small town before wanting to strike out into the world to make a mark. He cut his technology teeth at a number of software companies in the San Francisco Bay area before landing a long-term role.

But he was eventually driven to move from the bay area for a better work-life balance on his own terms. The move to Oregon coincided with Luke being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and it was here he found his first company, Raaft.

Luke and the team at Raaft have created an app that aims to dramatically reduce the churn rate for Saas companies the world over.

The inspiration for the idea came when he was Chief Technology Officer at another company. It was an early stage startup that was experiencing a lot of churn.

And while trying to figure out why customers were canceling their subscriptions, Luke realized that while they were getting a lot of customers in the front door, not a lot was being done to address leakages at the back door so to speak.

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