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On this episode of SaaS Stories, we share the story of how Avrio A.I, a Boston based startup, is using artificial intelligence to transform the recruitment process of big companies.

If you’re in charge of the recruitment process at an enterprise company, you know just how time-consuming and costly this whole process can be.

You advertise for one job and hundreds, sometimes thousands of candidates apply for it and this can lead to a difficult experience for both the employers and the potential candidates.

So, we sat down with Nachi Junankar to find out how his team at Avrio is making the recruitment process easier for everyone.

Who is Nachi Junankar?

Nachi Junankar is the founder and CEO of Avrio, a Boston based startup on a mission to transform the recruitment process of big companies using artificial intelligence.

Born in India to an engineer father and college professor mother which led to a love of reading an intellectual pursuits and reading is something that has continued to run in Nachi’s family to this day.

Nachi has a track record of creating successful companies that utilize the latest technology to make a genuine, positive impact on people’s everyday lives all over the world. He bootstrapped his first company, Live Wire, straight out of college and built it into a successful CRM company and his success continued into new ventures.

Prior to founding Avrio, Nachi founded OpenMobile on the seminal idea of making the Android app ecosystem portable to other mobile devices to offer consumers the widest possible choice of smartphones.

OpenMobile’s compelling technology and large app store have enabled it to become a key player in the global mobile ecosystem, working closely with global key phone makers, OS vendors, app developers, and carriers across the globe.

Avrio is already starting to make a real difference to the way some companies recruit, and we’re excited to see just how much of an impact the artificial intelligence developed by this startup can make!

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