Today we take a look at 5 ways our CRM can help you close you more deals in today’s mobile world.

If you’re anything like me (or in fact, most adults for that matter) you’re somewhat addicted to your mobile device, yes, your smartphone or tablet.

According to Emarketer, the average adult spends around three hours a day on their mobile device – that’s 30% of your working day spent on your phone.

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Increasingly our communications and the way we do business has become very mobile, so it’s safe to say that, for you to have a thriving business in today’s world your mobile strategy has to be strong.

You’d be pleased to know that our CRM is fully mobile and prepared for this way of doing business. Which is why today, we’re going to be talking about 5 ways OnePageCRM’s mobile features can help you close more deals and grow your business.

1. Our CRM can help you sell in real time and on the go.

Being a salesperson can mean a lot of time away from the desk and according to Ken Krogue, founder of, sales reps spend about 50% of their working day selling remotely.

So it’s really a no-brainer that the best salespeople are going need to have the tools at hand that can help them access real-time data so that they can make faster decisions.

This is something our CRM excels at. With OnePageCRM, your reps can view and manage their sales pipeline and make updates on the go.

As soon as they receive a new lead they’re ready to go straight away!

2. Onepage CRM can help your sales team increase their productivity

We’ve designed our CRM in such a way that helps your sales reps be more productive.

The first screen you’re met with on opening our CRM is the “action stream”, which is an easy to read list of contacts and actions in order of due date. This is particularly useful for someone like myself whose occasional scatterbrain as you’re able to get straight to work on the day’s actions.

The accompanying notes and contact information also allow you to add that personal touch though, right before a meeting you can bring up the relevant info on that client, their wants, needs, and likes, to really tailor each meeting. And being mobile also lets you update these right after any meeting too.

Your reps can also call or SMS clients directly from the app which is handy for when you’re on the road and need to communicate urgently.

3. Our CRM can ensure that you never miss out on following up on a hot lead

Another really cool feature of OnePageCRM is the push notifications and in-app messages feature.

You can set our CRM to remind you of those time-sensitive actions.

For instance, let’s say a lead isn’t ready to buy at the moment and asks you to follow up in a couple of months, you can set OnePageCRM to remind you at the exact time in future.

Really cool right?

Our dev team has also included this really nifty trick called Deep-linking, that allows head straight to the contact view page when you click on a push notification.

You can then add to add notes, make a call or whatever you need to do in order to complete the next action.

4. Our CRM allows your sales team save time by speeding up how you enter data into the system

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of our mobile CRM is the ability to add notes by using your voice(and well, as a voice over and narrator as a profession this is really just the obvious thing to do!)

It’s also super easy to add new contacts.

So if you’re schmoozing at a networking event, you just whip out your phone, say the new contacts name, add some quick notes about them and you’re off, saving you a massive task when you’re back in the office.

Without a mobile-friendly feature like this, a large sales team might find they rarely follow up on their networking clients because customer info isn’t being updated in real time.

5. Onepage CRM can help your sales team communicate better.

With most sales teams constantly in and out of the office, it’s difficult to get everyone together (and no, I’m not counting the Christmas party here!)

Our app lets the whole team see what each other is doing and track their activity. This means each salesperson can read anyone’s notes on any client, check in on the latest updates via the TeamStream section of the app and is a great way to share info if you can’t meet in person.

It also means any member of the team can quickly take over the management of any client if someone is out sick or you just can’t get hold of a colleague for some reason.

It’s also great for managers to get an “at a glance perspective” of how the team is doing and what stage your reps are with leads.

So there you have it, 5 ways our CRM can help you close you more deals in today’s mobile world.

Mobile technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon and a mobile CRM like ours is going to keep your sales teams agile and prepared, able to react quickly to changing customer needs and close deals faster.

And best of all, you can try it for free for 21 days by heading to to find out more, that’s

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