What is a lead magnet?

On today’s episode, we sat down with Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative to look at lead magnets are, why you need one, and he gives examples of lead magnets ideas that can help you get you more leads.

Episode Length: [25:09]

Who is Barry Feldman?

Barry Feldman is an online marketing super freak and the founder of Feldman Creative. He’s a popular blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, content marketing consultant, copywriter, and creative director. He’s also obsessed with rock n’ roll.

Despite working for a number of different companies in his time Barry’s first real entrepreneurial adventure was Feldman Creative, a decision partially brought on by the fast-paced, high turnover nature of advertising often left Barry back on the freelance road.

Barry keeps busy though, specializing in lead magnets and blogs and it has even compiled his marketing knowledge in a number of books.

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