What is Content Marketing and Why Is It So Important?

On today’s episode, we sat down with Ivan Kreimer of Content Fiesta to look at what content marketing is, why it’s important for your startup and how to do it properly so that you can help you attract more traffic and build your authority.

Episode Length: Approx. 10 mins

Who is Ivan Kreimer?

Ivan Kreimer is an internationally recognized content marketing expert and the founder of Content Fiesta.

After failing with his first online businesses, Ivan learned how to drive traffic with the help of content. He created Content Fiesta to help other marketers to learn how to create truly amazing content.

Ever since he launched Content Fiesta, Ivan started working with top marketing software companies, like Campaign Monitor and AdStage, and appearing in influential sites like Entrepreneur, The Next Web, and more.

Interestingly, he has built his business while traveling all over the world.

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